5 Places to Get Game Emulators Online

5.) Onlive

It’s really easy. You decide to visit the site, you sign yourself up, and then you choose a game. After that, you have 30 minutes to play it. As far as anyone can see, there are absolutely no restraints or changes from the original game. The game is the game. Which might not be ideal if the game’s got some kind of huge tutorial, but other than that there is still plenty of time to start having some fun. This site also contains “PlayPass” options. This allows you to play the game in its entirety for 3 or 5 days in a trade for a just a tiny price. It’s essentially an online rental, however, it works out fine for present day console games, because they happen to have 10 or 15 hours campaigns.

4.) ROM Sharing

No one is really sure who exactly runs ROM Sharing or how it began. There are no details available on the site itself other than this one particular page that allows you to “donate your games.” According to recent news, the owners of the site are trying their hand at pseudo-legality by claiming ownership all the games the site makes playable. Regardless of whatever that situation may bring, you are able to play games quickly and free of charge. Advertisements may come up, but just as banners and sidebars. The ROM Sharing site also does not need for you to have a client-side download like Console Classix, nor does it ever ask you to sign in or sign up for anything.

3.) Gaikai

Cloud gaming service Gaikai is a little strange. Different from OnLive, which specializes in selling entire games solely through its own service, Gaikai contains demos to each game. Every single one of these demos is able to be played through for free and quite quickly in your browser. If you really like a game, you’re able to purchase it from a collection of unique services that are listed by the service, and this is supposedly how each service makes its money, at least for now, that is… However, you also can just go and play a different demo. There are loads of triple-AAA games out there on the site, many of which are console ports, but some are PC only releases such as The Sims 3.

2.) Core Online

This is a newer service. Core Online tends to utilize a server model that resembles that of OnLive and Gaikai. It is separate from these rivals with its business model, though. Other than selling subscriptions or making some cash from its partners, Core Online also makes its dough from advertisements that pop up during gameplay. You are able to earn free gameplay if you watch the ads or you can pay to make a part of a game ad-free.

1. ) Console Classix

This strange service happens to operate as an in-browser game emulation launcher. As the name tells it, the service specializes in classic games instead of the latest titles. You’ll discover a whole entire section of titles from the era of Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis.  There are even some Nintendo 64 titles in there as well. Whenever you want to play a game, all you have to do is launch it. The Console Classix customer automatically downloads his or her chosen emulator and installs the game.

Below is how to get started with Console Classix!