Here’s How to Play Every NES Game on Your Phone

3.) Get Your Emulator

Seeking out your emulator is pretty easy, however, you might just prefer certain emulators over other ones. Always remember that performance, accuracy, game pad support, cheat code support, and cross-platform compatibility are all some of the stuff that you’ll definitely want to take into consideration. SNES9X happens to be the emulator of choice for both iOS and Android. In order to receive SNES9X on iOS, you’ll have to look for it in Cydia. To get the emulator on Android, you’ll have to go through just a bit more trouble searching because it was pulled from the marketplace for some unknown reasons. Just jotting in SNES9X APK file for a web search on any search device should find a copy of it for you. Besides this,  you can also download SNESoid, which is actually based on the same exact code, however, this one contains its own conflicts. SNES9X is awesome because it works with almost any ROM you will throw at it, it allows for cheat codes, it supports both saved games and freezes states, and it allows you to use third-party controllers such as the Nintendo Wiimote.

2.) ROMS

There are a bunch of things that you should know before we start talking ROMs. First of all, there are two kinds of ROMs that will be discussed, and these are a home brew and official games. Home brew ROMs are software that is developed by people. These are created so that they can run in a particular emulator or on an actual retro gaming system. The official games that you will use are the actual cartridges you used to purchase for your SNES, Sega Genenis, and more, following the act of being imported into a digital file that you can play right on your phone. The general law of ethics when it comes down to playing any of these official games is that you probably need to own a real copy of the game before downloading a ROM, or make your own personal backup copy of the game, however a few  companies such as Nintendo, itself think that this is actually not within your rights as an owner of a game. Exploring home brew and game ROMs calls for a  little bit more than just a plain old web search. If you’re seeking ROMs for Nintendo 64, typing  N64 ROMs into your search bar should usually bring up a whole plethora full of results. After this, you will then have the ability to search through that site for the one particular game that you want and then you can download it easily.

1.) Set Up Your Emulator and Start Playing!

So you have your chosen emulators and you’ve got your ROMs together, however, what do you do next? Playing a game is as easy as opening up ROM in its selected emulator, but there are quite some things you should take into consideration before you start playing through an emulator for your first time. Using the right hardware controllers is one, being able to comprehend saved states and freezes is another, and how to use cheat codes effectively through an emulator is one more. There are many other things to know but these are the main three.

Watch the video below to see how to play any NES on an Android!